Thriving Beyond Anxiety in Vancouver


What a turnout! Fresh off the heels of our launch at the University of Calgary, we have expanded over to Vancouver just in time before the start of exams.

Thanks to UBC for hosting us where our panelists had an opportunity to share their experiences in front of a packed lecture room of students. Thanks again to Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP for being our founding supporter for this event.

What did you enjoy the most about this event?

Seeing that successful young lawyers went through serious challenges with anxiety and were able to move past them.

Vulnerability of panelists. The weren't fake and didn't act like they had it all together which was nice

Honest answers from practitioners in the field.

The openness of the speakers.

The candid nature of all four presenters.

It was extremely stigma-busting, to say the least. I really appreciated the panelists’ candor; all-in-all, a very worthwhile initiative.

What did our panelists think?

I learned a lot sharing and speaking [at Beyond the A]. I wish we could go on all afternoon and evening.

Likewise, thanks for organizing Steven - good on [Beyond the A] for taking the lead on getting this issue in front of people and fostering a culture of inclusion and discussion. 

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