Why "Beyond the A"?


Anxiety is something that is prominent in the legal profession but is often swept under the rug. The status quo is stay heads down, pretend it doesn’t exist or resort to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain.

This approach is clearly not working. There has been a drastic rise in employee burnout, alcohol and drug abuse and depression. And if we were to maintain this status quo, things are simply going to get worse.

Something needs to change. There is where Beyond the A comes in.

While we do not purport to be experts, our vision to serve as the modern platform to connect students and lawyers with tools and resources to excel in their careers and beyond. This will be done through a mix of offline and online events featuring actual legal professionals who will be sharing their personal experiences. In fact, these are some of the most successful lawyers in both private and public practice, hailing from the top schools and top firms in the world. More importantly, these are lawyers who are passionate about this cause and want to help shift the culture on anxiety, one conversation at a time.

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Steven Ngo